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Rebecca Delaney Johnson
The Cause Collaborative


Becca Delaney Johnson, Founder/CEO of The Cause Collaborative, has a calling to care, collaborate, and ensure success for nonprofits. And the team at The Cause Collaborative has a reputation for making dreams a reality. The team is driven to help community causes, and puts their expertise and vast network to work to pull off the crazy and crush expectations. Prior to founding The Cause Collaborative, Becca worked as Director of Marketing at a start up and in higher education, and held the role of Director of Client Services at a local ad agency. A passion she has is teaching; therefore she is an adjunct at alma maters St. John Fisher & Rochester Institute of Technology. Upon the realization that there was a large gap in our community around servicing nonprofits and mission-driven organizations with cause-based event and marketing strategies, Becca set out to create a company that puts passion at the forefront to add bandwidth for nonprofit clients.

The Cause Collaborative, a certified New York State woman-owned business, provides resources for mission-driven organizations and nonprofits to be effective and successful in their efforts to maintain and grow their programs and services. Reach more people, change more lives, and do more good. Services range from organizational resource development, integrated marketing strategy, branding/design, and event experiences.


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