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Aleshia Jefferson,
Superior Specialized Staffing Services, LLC
African American


Superior Specialized Staffing Services is a small virtual staffing agency & call center that was launched on July 11th, 2016. We are a vendor in the Arise virtual solutions network with access to fortune 500 clients. We are currently utilizing the Arise platform to help meet client needs by connecting them with hard working people like you . Our company specializes in providing superior customer service with over 20 yrs experience. Superior Specialized Staffing Services LLC was founded by Aleshia Jefferson who has obtained her Bachelors of Science in BA & Her Masters in HRM.

​Aleshia’s Story
Aleshia knows what it’s like to be a single parent as she struggled to work & go to school being a single mom in her earlier life. She use to take her daughter to work while she worked the front counter in a fast food restaurant. There also were days when she recalls taking her daughter to class with her as she pursued her college degree. Life was very challenging as a young adult. She worked very hard & eventually married & had more kids. Aleshia relocated from NC to FLA with her husband & kids. She worked & continued to pursue college. Her job ended & her life changed, her marriage became abusive. However, she felt obligated to stay in the relationship because of her kids & her dependency on her then husband. One-day she built up the courage & decided to leave the relationship & seek a women’s shelter where she could rebuild her life while still attending college. She had caught the bus from the kid’s school to her job.  The kids went to their father’s grandparent’s house after school while she worked. One day something tragic happened that changed her life forever. Deeply scarred she has only sought for a solution . This is why Aleshia is so passionate about helping families today.

Because we understand the importance of families, our  mission is to provide opportunities for moms & dads to work from home bringing families back together again, allowing them to build a stronger family bond. We also understand the difficulties that some families face with limitations, whether it is being physically challenged or lack of transportation we are here to make it easier for you.  Our goal is to offer quality services to our clients, customers & staff, demonstrating professional & positive relationships, enabling convenience to everyone who’s looking for opportunities for a flexible and convenient work life while working from home. We are looking to grow & expand our business nationwide. We are excited about developing new relationships with motivated hard-working individuals who are looking for convenient work at home opportunities and flexibility. We believe that The Spirit of Excellence is Where Success Begins! Inquiring individuals must be self-disciplined & dependable. If this sounds like something you are interested in then virtualize your life and save yourself the drive.


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