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Born in Monroe, LA but raised in Kansas City, KS since I was 2 yrs old,
For the past 18.5 yrs I have worked for the Unified Gov’t WyCo KCK in the fiscal capacity but recently have switch over to the program side (Program Coordinator) the department I work in is 100% grant funded so I have some knowledge about grant funds.

I’m a breast cancer survivor, I was introduced to this online wellness club, which totally made sense to me after being that I took the genetics testing for cancer, it wasn’t genetics. So not only did I change my diet I was also able to change what I put on my skin, learning many of the everyday products that we use (soaps, lotions, make up, cleaning products, etc..) contain harmful chemicals & toxins that only take about 20 seconds to absorb into our skin.

Since I’ve joined the club & started using Melaleuca products my 6 months post cancer exams improved so that my doctor told me whatever you’re taking was improving my immune system, cells & blood pressure was better than ever. Before I was introduced to the club I would frequently have biopsy done. So now I advocate & educate how being proactive with your (your family & pets) wellness can benefit your family, your finances and the environment.

Invest in your wellness now before being forced later (doctors, pharmacies, etc..)
Please don’t hesitate to reach out for more information


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