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Ever since I was little I was surrounded by art, always competing with my family to make the next best thing. My family inspired me to create; from my dad who sculpts beautiful marble figures, to my mom who creates jewelry out of metal clay, and to my two older sisters who I was always trying to copy, whether it was a drawing, a sculpture or their clothing. Growing up I knew I wanted art to be a part of my career, and cakes was a unique fun way to use my sculpting and painting background. So at age 17 I began selling cakes out of my home and knew that this was the career I wanted to pursue!

To pursue my dream I moved to NYC at age 18 to study at the “French Culinary Institute”, to earn my diploma in Pastry Arts . After graduation I lived in the hectic city of Manhattan for 2 years, working as the assistant decorator at the well known “Betty Bakery”, and “Silk Cakes” creating, sculpting, and soaking up as much knowledge as I could. I also worked at Elenis Cookies while I was in NYC and learned all the techniques of piping beautifully detailed royal icing cookies.

After my time in NYC I moved home to my small town in Wayne Country to save up some money so I could go on a 3 month backpacking trip to Europe. I spent half the trip with a friend from culinary school, and the second half solo, planning the trip as I went through it. Spending most my time tasting and experiencing all the different types of creative pastries, desserts and cakes. After traveling through 15 countries on my own, I can definitely say that it was the most challenging and inspiring step I have taken so far in my life. When I returned home I was so inspired and ready for my next adventure of opening my own cake business, Daydream Cakes!

I have been open 2 years now and look forward to the many more to come!

Rebecca Kester


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