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A.LYNN is a sustainable fashion brand offering a more personalized-fit for consumers that goes beyond the typical S/M/L sizing. Compared to mens’ sizing that includes waist and inseam measurements for pants, or neck and sleeve length variations for shirts, women typically haven’t been offered such personalized sizing to fit different body types and proportions. A.Lynn is changing the future of dressing for women to create shapes and sizes that better fit individuals’ body types and can be offered direct from stocked inventory to avoid long wait-times and expensive price tags. Embracing timeless designs and contemporary silhouettes, A.Lynn, will bring true fashion to every woman’s closet to stay forever…
We are making the women who have always been outside of the fashion industry’s standard “check boxes” feel embraced and appreciated.

Andrea Seemayer has worked in the fashion industry for more than a decade as a product director at high-end brands, including Zac Posen, Alice and Olivia, and Rebecca Taylor. She saw a pain point in fit limitation for the length and proportion of garments. This issue contributes to the $200 billion problem of sales returns annually, especially since the number one reason for returns is due to fit. Andrea found a way to offer a more custom fit without having to create a one-of-a-kind garment, which costs more and has a longer lead time. Not only is she pushing the barriers of fashion, but she has also already scaled teams, implemented new operational standards, sourced manufacturers and fabric mills, set competitive pricing, and organized importing/exporting of goods…all of which helped increase profitability and efficiencies for well-known companies. She continually grows in the industry and helps others to advance by lending her knowledge as a mentor to subordinates, such as student programs like the Social Impact Entrepreneurial Fellowship at The New School of NYC and professional development programs at her Alma Mater, Stephens College. Andrea sees the future of fashion as a collaborative space that is working towards making a more positive impact on the world as we know it.



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