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Our strength is our diversity, unbound by race, age, national origin, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or disability.


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Small Business Grants for Women

By Karin Klock


Announcing Our Official Launch

By Karin Klock

Imagine if women-owned businesses were connected across the nation or even around the globe. How much power would such a network give women? And how much easier would it be to support and empower female entrepreneurs? Our official website launching today in celebration of International Women’s Day, will help bring this to reality. WomenOwnedBiz.org, a…

10 Steps to Consider When Starting Your Business

By Karin Klock

Make sure that it is a real passion for you and something you strongly believe in. (This will help carry you through the highs and the lows.) Do your research. How many other businesses are in this space? Who are your competitors and how successful are they? What is the scope of your market? Is…


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